Collaborative furniture for a productive Work space!

Gone are the days when employees spent hours in their personal cabins doing work and attending calls. With organizations becoming more agile and flexible, there is an increased emphasis on open communication and teamwork which is why collaborative furniture is becoming so popular.

At Avanti Technologies, we have spent a considerable amount of time understanding the needs of global organizations in terms of workspace layouts. Our design teams have worked meticulously on details of Conference tables, reception and executive desks, divided workstations, consoles and other collaborative pieces which can be adjusted for height, power slots, and lighting. If at any point in time, employees want a space of their own to avoid distraction, they can easily go for the Avanti Square Workstation which has effective sound absorption capabilities. 

Considering the advent of technology in furniture design and requirements, we, at Avanti, offer many interesting solutions that could potentially benefit smart workspaces. Interactive displays with Flip functionality from our partner Samsung can drive productivity and collaboration very effectively. There are tablets and kiosks that come with built-in security locks, tilt, and swivel stands and can be mounted both in portrait and landscape mode for smooth sharing between multiple members of a single team.


If there is a need to address employees or students, the Avanti Technologies public address system is an ultra-compact, ultra-light wireless solution.

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