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SpaceFrame utilises 100% recyclable aluminium, plastics and metal clips in its construction; we made sure that because of this resource versatility, SpaceFrame could be configured to 30 different designs and styles to display at the highest visibility.

With a vast all-round graphical layout, it ensures that your message is seen and heard clearly. SpaceFrame features interchangeable panels, components and is highly suitable for showroom and retail exhibitions.

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10 designs from Saturn


20 designs from Jupiter


Anordise Ball
Anordised ball has 18 threaded holes to achieved 45˚, 60˚, 90˚,120˚, 135˚ & 180˚. Material:Plastic M12 (Chrome finished)Diameter: 4.7cm

Aluminium Tube
The tubes have threaded ends on both sides to introduce tensile of forces into the ball. Material: Recycled Aluminium Length: 25cm / 35.3cm / 50cm / 70.7cm / 100cm
Metal Clip
Support wooden or acrylic table tops. The clips had both adjustable ends to create a more solid grip on the tubes. Material: Stainless steel
Plastic Clip
Flexible and well designed push-in clipper helps to hold and grip board or artwork from sliding. Material: Recycled Plastic
Plastic Foot
This adjustable footer is normally used to stabilize the whole system from uneven surfaces. Material: Recycled Plastic


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