Max®Deck Exhibition System

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Recycling aluminium produces significant cost savings as you can capitalise on the re-usage and double up the energy it saved. MaxDeck harnesses both the cost saving concept and doubles up on the convenience.

Furnished with avant-garde design concept, MaxDeck will surely make any display stand out from the floor and from all angles.

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Technical Characteristic
- Maximum spans                     = 6m
- Maximum weight capacity    = 350kg/m2
- Head room                               = 2.791m
- Height of flooring                    = 2.496m
- Maximum height                     = 6.420m

Stair Level
- Maximum width                                             = 1.162m
- Minimum height                                             = 1.10m
Maximum width between uprights
- Without cross bracing 0.550m to 6m          = 6m
- With cross bracing 1m to 4m                        = 4m


Max®Deck Exhibition System

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