Fleximax Exhibition Set

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Similar to the photosynthesis process, FlexiMax offers you an opportunity to harness the capabilities of both flexibility and reliability in exhibition design. All materials used to construct FlexiMax are 100% recyclable and reusable as part of our reuse principal.

This best selling design panel utilises a pop up panel magnetically attached to the exhibit frame to ensure the FlexiMax model can be easily set up in mere minutes. Available in both straight and curved format orientation, it also offers internal and external shelf kit add-ons equipped with spotlights. Portable and practical; pop up your display today!


FlexiMax Straight Backwall
*DM-33-SS: 206cm(W) x 229.9cm(H) x 30.5cm(D)
Artwork Size:
Front: 75cm(W) x 228.46cm(H) /panel
Side: 65cm(W) x 228.46cm(H) /panel

FlexiMax Curved Backwall
*DM-33-SC: 263cm(W) x 230cm(H) x 30.5cm(D)
Artwork Size:
Curve In: 69cm(W) x 228.46cm(H)
Curve Out: 82.5cm(W) x 228.46cm(H)
Side: 65cm(W) x 228.46cm(H)

FlexiMax H200
System Size:
220cm(W) x 202cm(H) x 20cm(D)
Artwork Size:
Curve In: 62.4cm(W) x 202cm(H)
Curve Out: 70.4cm(W) x 202cm(H)
Side: 55cm(W) x 202cm(H)


Modern Case
System Size:70cm(W) x 87.5cm(H) x 36cm(D)
Artwork Size:181cm(W) x 79.8cm(H)
Weight: 6kg
magnet to magnet fittings

Portable Counter DM-12-CT
System Size:
70cm(W) x 87.5cm(H) x 36cm(D)
Artwork size:
164cm(W) x 85.3cm(H)
Weight: 10kg
magnet to magnet fittings
*Available DM-22-CT

Fleximax Exhibition Set

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