FabriMax Popup System

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The FabriMax is a pop-up system with a seamless fabric graphic always attached to the frame, using Velcro. When the unit is set up, the graphic unfolds with the frame and stretches to form a completely smooth image across the entire display.

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Printing Material
Dye sublimation - fabric graphic is washable, durable and wrinkle-resistant.

The FabriMax is probably one of the fastest ways to create the right impression. In less than a minute you can set up a picture wall with a surface area of more than 5 square metres. Half a minute and a few simple steps are all you need to reach your target audience.

Your image is printed digitally on special fabric that stretches to form a completely smooth surface, so you can be sure of the highest quality. The printed fabric is fixed to the structure, even when the display is folded and stored in its transport box. When the display is set up, the fabric is stretched out to a smooth surface.


FabriMax Popup System

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